Tested By Fire

You have been grieved by many trials
And the genuineness of your faith tested
More precious than gold your faith is
But upon the fire He will cast it.

Are you willing to be so tested?

The day of trial has come upon you
And life you feel you cannot face
The deep burden in your heart
Makes faith seem it has lost its race.

Will you trust Him to give you grace?

Upon the fire He will test and try
The life that has been given to Him
He wants only the ones that can see His hand
In the trial which has come upon them.

Will you be the one to trust Him?

Refining purity will take place
When to Him you are obedient
He will burn away all impurities
And as pure as gold you will be.

Do you want to be His servant?

The gold coming forth from the fire
Is gold which does not perish
Praise and glory to God is given
In His glorious revelation.

Are you the gold which God will cherish?

Copyright © 2004-2016 Christian Poetry By Inez
All Rights Reserved