My Testimony

Welcome to my website! It is my greatest pleasure to share the Word of God with you in the form of poetry. During a very difficult time in my life, I began writing poetry. The poetry is my testimony to the unfailing mercy and love of the Lord Jesus Christ in my life. I often refer to my poetry as my "Jack and Jill" poetry because of the poem's simplicity in telling a story of the Lord's greatness. Nevertheless most of my poems reflect, in some manner, the experiences in my life, and they also reflect that God can be the Victor if we stay yielded to Him.

For many years I had the desire to write. I would write a poem, hide it, and then tear it up at a later date. It seemed that I did not want anyone to know that I had particular feelings or that I thought I had an ability to write something worthwhile. But the day did come that many pent up feelings began pouring out onto paper in the form of a journal. Out of my journal keeping came my poetry.

On Memorial Day, 1972, my mother, father, sister and an aunt were killed in an automobile accident. I simply could not cope with the tragedy and I immediately sank in a deep depression which lasted for several years. My depression took its toll upon an already unstable marriage and it ended in divorce in May, 1977. In the ensuing years I experienced financial loss in a misguided effort to do something constructive by going into business;  and I also experienced   extreme stress while having to work with a physical sickness, fibromyalgia. But daily I clung to God and the promises He had made me. With the prophetic dreams of love, encouragement and promises of a new life, and prophecies spoken to me by different people, I was well armed to get through the very difficult period in my life. But when discouragement would come and I felt that I no longer could continue, God would show Himself strong by giving me a dream or sending someone with a prophetic word for me. He never let me down. He always let me know that He was close by my side, that He knew and understood all about my life, and that He, indeed, was leading me into a better life. After twenty-two years of being single, and saying that I would never marry again, God sent an old friend of forty-seven years into my life. I married James Robbins on June 6, 1998. His wife, Patsy, had been a very dear friend of mine since high school and she had died the previous year of cancer. My first husband and I were with James and Patsy as friends until the time of my divorce. But God didn’t want me single any longer. He restored my life to its fullest just as He had promised. Together we serve the Lord at Encounter Church, Groves, Texas.

I ask that you read the poems and enjoy them, but most of all, I pray that God will lead you to the poem or poems which will minister to you and any need(s) that you have. Remember, God loves you! There is not a problem that He doesn’t already know about, so ask Him today to help you. You will learn that He will not fail you.

In Christ,

Inez Drawhorn Robbins

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