Ridicule of My Faith

Ridicule of my faith
Pushes me closer to You
As I listen to taunting words
I know exactly what I’ll do.

Beneath Your mighty wings
I will hide
Underneath their shadow
I will abide.

Safe beneath Your wings
In Your protective care
I hide in Your comfort
Away from satan’s snare.

Ridicule of my faith
Is satan’s ploy
To diminish my faith
And steal my joy.

I do not behind You hide
As I have been told
But beneath Your mighty wings
As in the Good Book of old.

Such comfort do I find
When I take satan’s darts out
For he has no future in my life
For I’ve cut off his route.

Satan must run and hide
And again leave me alone
On Your Word I do stand
And he is gone.

The fiery darts of satan
May come once again
But he can’t diminish my faith
For it will always remain.

Copyright © 2004-2016 Christian Poetry By Inez
All Rights Reserved