I Promise Spring

Don't question the darkness of Winter
And don't stop to ask, "Why?"
But walk your path with steps assured
That soon behind the Winter will lie.

Use the darkness in gathering faith
Awaiting the tomorrows I will bring...
For in the darkness of Winter
I give hope of a glorious Spring.

Spring comes forth after the Winter
Passes fiercely into the past
Burying itself in yesterdays...
For My tomorrows, tomorrows, alas.

There is dormancy of life in Winter
Barren, yet it firmly stands
With its roots deeply embedded
In My cold Winter Land.

But I give Promises of Spring
When growth anew will be
I give strength to life whose roots
Are deeply embedded in Me.

So even though the Winter's long
And dark may be the days
I know all and I give
Courage to walk My ways.

My ways are the hope of tomorrow...
The promise that I give
When Winter is forever gone
And Spring eternally lives.

Copyright © 2004-2016 Christian Poetry By Inez
All Rights Reserved