I Need Not Wonder

I need not wonder if the words I write
Go alone into the thin air
Because they do end up in someone’s heart
Telling them that God does care.

I need not wonder which one God will choose
To let my words speak to them
For in writing the words He gives to me
I tell of my love for Him.

It may be one very close by
Or it may be one far away
But it is the desire of my heart
To tell of God’s love each day.

There are hearts all around the world
That need one special touch
To let them know that God cares
And that He loves them very much.

If I can be that person
That God chooses to do that task
It will fill my heart with joy
And anything more, I could not ask.

For in the task He has given me
To spread His love around
I listen intently for His words
And many blessings I have found.

So over each word I write
I always say a special prayer
That the words will go into someone’s heart
And not end up in the thin air.

Copyright © 2004-2010 Christian Poetry By Inez
All Rights Reserved