I Give You My Best

I give you my best, Lord
I pray that is good enough
Having to live with what You’ve given
During these times so tough.

Things have happened to me
That I did not pursue
Do You call it happenstance or fate
And did these things come from You?

Nothing passes through Your hand
That You did not allow
I’ve heard that said over and over
Yet, they happened and I wonder how.

I know that I am different
Because of the way my life has gone
I look around at others
And know that I am alone.

I have been in a crowd
And knew I was set apart
Was my life like others
I knew the answer in my heart.

I will learn the answers one day
To questions I’ve asked time and again
And my heart will find peace
When Your understanding I gain.

You have set aside a special time
When You will help me understand
About the things of my life
That all of my heart does command.

Until that day comes
I will continue to do my best
Living my life with what has happened
And seeking for my heart, rest.

Copyright © 2004-2010 Christian Poetry By Inez
All Rights Reserved