Good Morning, God


As I arise this moring
Trials are all around
You know all about them, God
But by Your love I am bound.

There is not one thing
That You don't know about
I know You are by my side
And that I will never doubt.

I can't even imagine
Living one moment without You
Life itself would overtake me
And there'd be nothing I could do.

I would sink beneath the weight
Of a hurting heart
Of cares and trials
From which I could not part.

But Your strength fills me
And it helps me go on
Knowing my cares are in Your hand
And soon they will be gone.

Yes, these cares will leave
And then I'll turn another page
Telling of Your wondrous power
That I could never guage.

For in the past
I've suffered great things
But these things were lifted
As if they had wings

The things I suffered were lifted, God,
Because I put my trust in You
Today I again do that
Knowing that's what I must do.

It was not meant
That I go it alone
You will be with me every moment
As before You have shown.

I feel Your hand about mine
And I hear your voice say,
"This,too, shall pass"
"For you let Me lead the way."

Copyright © 2004-2016 Christian Poetry By Inez
All Rights Reserved