Go in the Strength That You Have

Go in the strength that you have
That is what God said to me today
Amidst the struggle of a relationship
That is not going the right way.

So I cling to the strength He has given me
And I am determined to go on
Not knowing if today the problem will be mended
Or if that's down the road further along.

But I'll not give in to my heart's pain
Thinking that all good things are lost
I will just go in the strength that I have
Yet, in the strength I have was Your cost.

I think of the day You hung there
Upon that old rugged cross
Knowing my strength will not be diminished
And this relationship will not suffer loss.

For there was a price You paid that day
It was for the ones suffering as I am now
The loving heart of one who cares
And to show it, I know not how.

Yet, in the strength You gave me
I've no doubt You can work in me
The way to mend what has been broken
And a renewed relationship I will see.

"Go in the strength that you have." Judges 6:14

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