Across Many Miles

Across many miles
Iím sending My love today
I have much to tell you
I have much to say.

I donít know where to begin
For My heart is so full
Itís full of love for you
And canít reach its lull.

My love is spilling out
And running all around
Pouring out from Me to you
And all over the ground.

Across the many miles
My love is gently flowing
You must know whatís happening
You must be knowing...

My love, My love,
Thatís what you are to Me
Open your heart to understanding
O, My love, open your eyes to see.

Donít reject My love
That I want to share
There is none other like it
Thereís no other to compare.

My love is so deep
And it is very pure
It hasnít been touched by sin
And it will forever endure.

No other love is like Mine
So accept it today
Give yourself to Me
And let My love have its way.

Copyright © 2004-2016 Christian Poetry By Inez
All Rights Reserved