Youthful Days of Summer

Your youthful days of summer
Have now gone
The days have slipped into the past
With other days you have known.

Too quickly! Too quickly!
Those days did fade away
Never were you to go back
To such bright summerís days.

Upon the lawn you did frolic
Running to and fro
The delightful joy of play
Upon that lawn you did know.

Bugs were put into pockets
Strings upon the fireflyís tail
Helping in the garden
Putting veggies in the pail.

Eating all the fried chicken
That your tummies could hold
You didnít forget the rice
As you emptied the gravy bowl.

Climbing the pecan trees
And resting in their shade
Thatís closest to heaven on earth
That God ever made.

Never will you forget
And neither do you want to
Those beautiful days of summer
When there was so much to do.

A horse being shod
And a wheel being turned
The metal burning bright red
Yes, that fire really burned.

Old lawn mowers broken
And new ones, too
This very special place
There was always something to do.

Never were you bored
And you did not have TV
Outside at this house
There was so much to see.

So good were those days
Yes, those days long ago
Spent with Gram and Gramp
And Dorothy, that you loved so.

You cannot go back
But within your hearts hold
All those treasured moments
That cannot really be told.

This poem is dedicated to my beloved parents,
Waverd and Mary Elizabeth McBride
and my special sister, Dorothy.
It was upon their special lawn that my siblings and I played,
and in later years my children and all the other grandchildren of our parents played.
The wonderful memories of those days will live forever in our hearts.
Waverd and Mary Elizabeth McBride and Dorothy were killed in an automobile accident on Memorial Day, 1972, along with Armena Nezat, sister of Waverd McBride.

Written by: Inez McBride Drawhorn Robbins
July 27, 1998

Copyright © 2004-2016 Christian Poetry By Inez
All Rights Reserved