You Have Lacked Nothing

You have lacked nothing
On your journey long and hard
Your needs have been many
And they've been provided by the Lord.

The Lord has been with you
He has never left your side
As you trudged along your way
On your journey far and wide.

You have been here and there
And you have been up and down
You have seen bad times and good times
And his faithfulness you have found.

You have lacked nothing
Even when all seemed to have gone
The Lord has been with you
And he strengthened you on your way
He knew what you needed
When on you... a hard journey He lay.

He wants you to learn
That a bed of roses He doesn't make
For those who follow Him
On the journey He wants you to take.

You have lacked nothing
And this you must confess...
The Lord has been with you
Your faith... He has chosen to test.

Your steps will become quicker
You will no longer trudge along
When your journey becomes a reason
For keeping your faith so strong.

Copyright © 2004-2016 Christian Poetry By Inez
All Rights Reserved