Valley of Tears

Each man has his days
In the valley of tears
As on his pilgrimage he goes
Down through the years.

Blessed is that man
Whose strength is in You
Who is willing to grow
From the experience, too.

His heart may be crushed
And faith somewhat diminished
But blessed is that man
For His God is not finished.

God will walk with him
Strengthen him on his way
Encourage him and guide him
From day to day.

God will open his eyes
To let the man see
His walk through the valley
Was designed by He.

God will hear the manís cries
From His home above
And though the valley is long
It is made out of love.

The longer the valley
The stronger the man
God is strengthening him
To be all he can.

The descent into the valley
Will one day end
The man will look up
To see where he has been.

Upward he will see blessings
And he wonít look down below
To see the valley of tears
As the valley of woe.

He will see the valley
As his chance to give
Godís strength to another
When they in their valley live.

Copyright © 2004-2016 Christian Poetry By Inez
All Rights Reserved