Today I Was Reminded of Things

Today I was reminded of things
That in my heart I used to store
Things like anger, bitterness, unforgiveness
These things and even more.

Holding those things in my heart
Changed me from the way I once was
Sin devoured me little by little
Just like sin always does.

I awoke one day not recognizing myself
I did not know who I had turned into
The heart within me was not my heart
And I knew that a change was due.

Sin took a bit here
And it took a bit there
It was devouring my whole heart
And I had not even been aware.

Earlier, I should have emptied my heart
Emptied it just like one empties a garbage can
I should not have let these things build up
Until my heart over-ran.

But I did let these things build up
I held the things within
From this I learned a great lesson
Don’t let those things occupy space again.

I now go to God immediately
There is nothing I try to handle alone
For I stay in the presence of God
Until every trace of sin is gone.

Before, I didn’t realize that God understands
About all things, large or small
That He knows and understands about me
And that He will help me through it all.

So what a blessing it has been
To learn of His love so great
Sin doesn’t abide in my heart now
And I’ll never again live in that state.

Yes, I have learned of His great love
Through lessons in life He gave me
How thankful I am that He cared so much
And that He stayed with me continually.

Copyright © 2004-2016 Christian Poetry By Inez
All Rights Reserved