There Are Waves Far Out At Sea


Upon the ocean's front I stand
The beat of the waves, my heart does command
With their power upon the sea
The waves become part of my destiny.

There are waves far out at sea
They are coming back to me
Once they come, they'll go away
Never will they come back to stay.

Surely, surely the waves will come
Bringing the memories back home
Some waves come on a sea of peace
And sweet memories they release.

There are waves far out at sea
And sadness those waves bring to me
Upon waves so wide and high
They remind me of my last good bye.

My last good bye upon the waves go
A broken heart, no one will know
The waves move silently back to sea
A silent witness they are to me.

Over the seas the waves have rolled
Knowing a story never to be told
There are waves far out at sea
And they will always come back to me.

Upon the shore the waves are cast
Bringing memories from my past
A call beckons the waves to return
Beneath the ocean which does churn.

Upon the waves my heart does beat
Speaking of life, bitter or sweet
Home again, home again, the waves do run
Back to me, 'til my life is done.

Copyright © 2004-2016 Christian Poetry By Inez
All Rights Reserved