The Spiritual Road

I look over my shoulder
And see the road
Upon which I have traveled
The bumps, the curves,
The hills, and yes, the valleys.

This road took me through
The fertile places, the dry places
The high places, and the low
It took me along a path
I did not know.

The miles stretch out behind me
And in the distance I can see
The road was well traveled
By others before me.

This road is the main highway
To get where I am going
This road is the road
I walk while I am growing.

Along the way
I have cried and complained
Because its end I could not see
The length of this road
Has seemed too much for me.

But along the way I have learned
It is My Master's hand
That leads me down this road
It is all His plan

He wants me to be stronger
A Godly person to be
And walk with Him
This road to eternity.

Copyright © 2004-2016 Christian Poetry By Inez
All Rights Reserved