The Seed Is the Word of God

There is a plant in my garden
That bears many, many seeds
It is called the "mother of thousands"
As upon Godís earth it feeds.

The seeds fall and multiply
And the wind carries them away
They bury themselves in cracks and crannies
Taking root wherever they lay.

As upon this plant I look
I think about the Word of God
If I could be like the "mother of thousands"
Leaving seed wherever I trod.

If my life could produce the seed
In just a minimal way
I could spread Godís Word to thousands
Day after day.

If the wind could carry the seed
To the soil close about
I could touch a thousand souls
That I do not doubt.

O! "mother of thousands"
Such courage you have given me!
I am determined to sow Godís seeds
And sow them abundantly!

A big task I have taken upon myself
Iíve bitten off a big chunk to chew!
But "mother of thousands"
I want to be just like you!

Copyright © 2004-2010 Christian Poetry By Inez
All Rights Reserved