The Old House Made New

The old house was in ill repair
It was all broken down and worn
The foundation had badly crumbled
And from it, usefulness had been torn.

The old house had been abused
As the things of the world took hold
The world stripped it of its grace
That's the story the old house told.

All broken down were the doors
So guests could not come and go
The old house sat alone in dismay
With her spirits cast down so low.

The windows looked very ugly
They were all covered with dust
Sunlight couldn't shine in
And the window frames began to rust.

One day The Carpenter visited the old house
And He walked slowly and gently about
To the old house He said aloud,
"You're worth fixing. There is no doubt."

So The Carpenter looked at the foundation
And worked on it until it was stable
The old house stood aright
To fix it, The Carpenter was able.

Then The Carpenter took the doors
And made them swing open wide
He took the nails and a hammer
And made it fit to live inside.

He flung the windows open wide
So all the passers-by could see
His light was shining brightly
An old house made new, it seemed to be.

The curious stood around and looked
While repairs were being done
That old house isn't worth a dime
And they were having much fun.

But out of the ugliness of life
God took His hand and laid bare
The things that were worth keeping
And He began re-building right there.

The old house was put through the test
As The Carpenter would speak
He set it on His Foundation Rock
That is very strong, not weak.

I am the old house
That is how this story ends
My old house was made anew
And a message to others it sends.

It took The Carpenter's hand
To make my old house new
And what He did for my old house
He will do for yours, too.

He took my broken life
That stood on a foundation of sand
And under me He placed His security
He held me with His hand.

He cleaned the windows of my soul
And made them bright and clean
He let the light of His Word shine in
And now I, all of His teachings do glean.

The door to my heart He repaired
And made it open wide
The Carpenter entered as my Guest
And with me, He chose to abide.

The Carpenter changed the old house
He made everything brand new
Indeed, I am the old house that God repaired
And He will do the same for you.


Copyright © 2004-2016 Christian Poetry By Inez
All Rights Reserved