The Light

"Written by Tracy Wallace"

As I slept and began to dream,
An Angel appeared before me.
She guided me through the darkened path because I could not see.
I was blind for just a little while; having to be lead.
Because of this, I told the Angel, "I'd just rather be dead."

She lightened the path and allowed me to see the road.
She took away my depression, for it was a heavy load.
She brought me unto a golden doorway, it surely was His.
She asked me to step inside and become a part of this.

I asked the Angel what 'this' was, for I needed to know.
Before she could answer, I saw a light begin to glow.
The light was brighter than any I'd ever seen before.
So I reached for the knob, to open the great big door.

The door was extremely heavy and seemed to be made of gold.
It took me a long time to open, it seemed as if I were old.
And when I stepped through the archway, to the inside;
I realized here was where I belonged, the place I would reside.

There were friends and family members from my past.
It seemed as if I'd made it home - at last.
They were happy to see me and greeted me with affection.
It seemed like the greatest place, it seemed like perfection.

But then the alarm rang and reality hit me in the face.
I woke up and realized I was at home, stillin my place.


Copyright © 2004-2016 Christian Poetry By Inez
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