The King’s Table

He ate continually at the king’s table
And Mephibosheth was his name
He was not able to walk correctly
Because in both feet he was lame.

He was chosen by the king
To show kindness for Jonathan’s sake
Such a wonderful decision
Did David, the king, make.

Mephibosheth had a son
And Micha was his name
The invitation to Mephibosheth
Was to Micha just the same.

They ate continually at the king’s table
And pulled up a chair to stay
Feeding upon the king’s food
They received their sustenance each day.

We, too, have been invited
To eat continually at the King’s table
He will give our daily food to us
And we can consume all that we’re able.

Our food will be from above
Like manna poured down from heaven
Into our hungry souls it will go
From Him to us it will be given.

I have taken my place at the King’s table
And I invite you to come and dine
Such a kindness He has shown
To you, to me, to all mankind.

Come be the guest of the King
It is a decision you will not regret
If you say "yes" to the King
It will be a feast you will never forget.

Copyright © 2004-2016 Christian Poetry By Inez
All Rights Reserved