The Grain of Wheat

O, little grain of wheat
You are so small
But from your resting place
Onto the ground you must fall.

Your Master has spoken
And told you what to do
“Fall into the ground and die”
Yes! He said that to you.

If you don’t do as He said
You will remain alone
So obey His Word
And your full growth will be known.

You won’t be alone anymore
You will have growth all around
Just because you obeyed
And fell into the ground.

So the the little grain fell
And hit the ground so fast
No! It won’t be alone anymore
As it was in the past.

Quickly new growth came
And the little grain sprouted all around
He obeyed His Master's voice
And an abundant crop it found.

“You must die to self”
Says the little seed
“Much growth you will have
If the Master’s voice you heed."

Listen carefully to these words
And what the little grain has to say
“Fall into the ground and die
And your abundant crop will begin today.”

Your crop is your life
It is each day that you live
And the size of your crop
Is what you are willing to give.

Copyright © 2004-2016 Christian Poetry By Inez
All Rights Reserved