The Good Wine

All the good wine was gone
Like all hope had vanished
As the wine crock stood empty
It seemed all was finished.

O, crock, has your usefulness gone
And is your life unfulfilled?
Does your emptiness bother you
And to the good wine you yield?

Do you feel something is missing
Yet, there’s nothing you can do
But wait for the Host to come
And replenish you?

Are the wedding guests waiting
To see if you will succeed
In satisfying their palates
And filling their need?

O, little crock, many are depending upon you
To rise to the occasion
And empty yourself of the good wine
In due season.

Yes, hope was given to the crock
When Jesus turned the water to wine
The crock was filled to the brim
And the host invited all to dine.

The Host saved the best until last
When all other wine was gone
A miracle Jesus, our Host, did for all to see
And it was the first miracle He had shown.

Lord, for me, You kept the good wine until last
It was a secret in Your heart you kept
Knowing the day Your good wine would pour forth
Refreshing my life in its depth.

The refreshing came after I, too,
Had empty stood
But You saved the best wine until last
Just like You said you would.

Copyright © 2004-2016 Christian Poetry By Inez
All Rights Reserved