The Desires of Your Heart

I’ll give you the desires of your heart
But first, you must put all your trust in Me
I will bring your desires to pass
But committed to me, you must be.

Be in right standing with God
This I do require of you
You must have a heart only for Me
These things you must do.

Rest in Me
Be still and wait
Lean upon Me
I am never late.

I will give you the desires of your heart
So do good things, not bad
Evil can have no place in your life
These things will make my heart glad.

Glad of heart I am
When I see My child living right
The desires of your heart are yours
And they are not far from your sight.

I bless My children for their allegiance
This is something you can depend upon
I will give you the desires of your heart
Because love for have shown.

The waiting is not long
So take this time to gather strength
Close ahead are the days of joy
And waiting is shrinking in its length.

Copyright © 2004-2016 Christian Poetry By Inez
All Rights Reserved