The Dash of Doug's Life
As Told by Inez Drawhorn Robbins, Doug's Mother

The dash of Doug's life
Began on my 21st birthday
That's the day he was born
And into this life he made his way.

A big boy he was
Weighing 8 pounds and 4 ounces
He was 23 inches long
A big one...everyone announces!

But on that August day in 1954
That big boy brought love to me
And a new way of life began
I could quickly see.

Sleepless nights started
With many a diaper to change
A busy schedule always
As my life he did rearrange.

With pride I watched Doug grow
To be a sweet big brother
To Nan, Vickie, Paul and Carolyn
He even made room for David, yes...another.

Sometimes grumpy he would be
From the demands of the younger ones
But soon the sweetness of Doug would emerge
And the wants of the younger ones, got done.

A handsome young man appeared one day
I woundered how quickly that could occur
And his love of horses began to show
A cowboy I had, as it were.

Music began to ring throughout the house
The melodious sounds of a guitar were heard
Doug's beautiful voice echoed through the walls
And we listened to each and every word.

Quickly into a man he grew
He had made a life of his own
A lovely wife and two great sons
Oh, my! How fast he had grown!

Doug gathered many friends
A genuine, kind word he'd say
His sense of humor would show up
And that would make someone's day.

Doug's work ethics were above reproach
Talented and well educated was he
Out in the refinery or teaching
He did it all splendidly!

Politeness to others rated high on his dash
Respect of others was there, too
Kindness was what his heart was about
In knowing him, much more was due.

Yes, there was so much to Doug's dash
I don't have the words to tell
His dash was full of the best life possessed
All who loved Doug, know that very well.

Many stories could be told
Of his many acts of kindness and love
Now his dash is full and complete
For now he lives with God above.

I miss Doug so much
And I know I always will
There's a big void in my life
That nothing can ever fill.

But Doug has left with me
The good dash his life did give
And I have learned from my son
Good things to others I must give.

The dash of Doug's life
Will with me always remain
For the dash is printed upon my heart
So I will remember again and again.

In memory of my beloved son, Douglas Walter Drawhorn:
Aug. 18, 1954 - January 30, 2014
Written: July 2, 2014 for the spreading of Doug's ashes at Sea Rim Park in the Gulf of Mexico. His ashes were taken into the Gulf and spread by two of his sisters, Carolyn Wiedenfeld and Nan Laing.

Copyright © 2004-2010 Christian Poetry By Inez
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