Stand In the Gap

God searches for a man to make a wall
And stand in the gap for one and for all
Can He depend upon you or me
To do the job that none may see?

Can we alone before God go
And pray for others that we know
For those whose life is in despair
The one about whom no one cares?

Can He depend upon you and me
In prayer for others steadfast be
Can we pray for those who have wounded us
And pray a prayer that is just?

Are we big enough to fill the gap
Where the wall was broken and not kept
Unmended it has been in disrepair
Are we the one who will care?

Can we a wall builder be
Who so lovingly and prayerfully
Take our place and stand
For the people of God’s land?

Will the words of our Lord’s call
Encourage us to build a wall
Where in shoulder to shoulder we stand
To pray for people in the land?

The answers to these questions must come
From our hearts when selfish life is done
When before our God we can stand
With tender hearts to pray for the land.

Then upon our hearts He will place
A love for the human race
Unselfish love from our hearts will come
To stand in the gap to build His kingdom

So let us do our part
Let it begin in our heart
To our God a burning desire take
And a prayer for others we will make

“No, not one!”, will be His call
“You’ve stood for one and you’ve stood for all
Not a soul has been untouched or lost
You built your wall and counted no cost.

Copyright © 2004-2016 Christian Poetry By Inez
All Rights Reserved