Sea Shells

Who can doubt there is a God
When looking at a sea shell?
Who can withhold the words
And about their beauty tell?

Only God can carve the shells
Out of the elements of the sea
Only God can put life within
And do it so masterfully.

God is the Master Craftsman
And His beauty the earth does behold.
In Him are the secrets of His creations
Which will never, never be told.

What a mighty God He is
When with His hand He can Heap
The dust and sand of the earth
And make shells for the shore and the deep.

When with His breath He can breathe life
Into things that we don't know exist
And form and create a myriad of beautiful shells
That by Him have been kissed?

No, I don't doubt there is a God
When such beauty I do behold
Nor do I question His wisdom
Of His secrets yet untold.

Only God can know
The secrets of the mighty sea
But upon the shores His beautiful shells are cast
To be shared by you and me.

Written by Inez Drawhorn Robbins

Copyright © 2004-2016 Christian Poetry By Inez
All Rights Reserved