Rearranging My Life

Lord, I must rearrange my life
To have more time for You
I must put aside
Some things that I do.

I must rearrange my life
To have more space
I need my special time with You
I need a special place.

Iíve crowded myself out
Out of times of pleasure
Into my life Iíve put nonsense
In terms that I canít measure.

I feel a deepening conviction
That my life I must rearrange
Putting You first and foremost
And many things I must change.

Lord, life has gotten too crowded
Going here and going there
So much time is wasted
Yet, for You., thereís none to spare.

You donít give me Your left over time
I am on top of Your list
It hurts me knowing what I do
Wonderful times with You I have missed.

Lord, another day will not pass
Before this situation is corrected
You are going to be first on my list
And never again neglected.

Copyright © 2004-2010 Christian Poetry By Inez
All Rights Reserved