Prepare Your Heart

Break up the fallow ground
Of the heart beating within your breast
Cold and hard it has become
And your soul is finding no rest.

Let the sword of God become the plow
Breaking up every clod
It is time to seek the Lord
Upon our face, let’s go to God.

Willingly we yield our heart
Which beats within our being
To the sword of our God
That tenderly will do the plowing.

How merciful is our God
As the plow breaks the ground
Sowing seeds of righteousness
That before could not be found.

Yes, it is time to seek the Lord
And yield to the sharpness of His sword
Believing the Lord will visit all
Yes, visit those who trust in His Word.

As we trust in His Word
Rains of righteousness He will shower
Because His love for us is great
And we will know His glorious power.

The power that breaks the fallow ground
Of the cold, hard heart
Is the power of our loving God
From which we will never part.

Copyright © 2004-2010 Christian Poetry By Inez
All Rights Reserved