Pass This Way Again


Did I see you smile
But your beauty I did not see?
Did I feel your touch
And know it not for me?

Could you pass his way again?

Did your arms enclose about me
And their warmth I did not feel?
Did I see tears in your eyes
And not know they were real?

Would you pass this way again?

Did I see you alone
When tenderness touched not my soul?
Did I see you in need
And help I did withhold?

Come pass this way again.

Did I see you burdened
But lightened not your load?
Did I feel compassion
Yet, walked on down the road?

Please pass this way again.

Did I pass you by
While my heat was lost in sleep?
Did I withhold from you
Things that love cannot keep?

I pray you will pass this way again.

Copyright © 2004-2016 Christian Poetry By Inez
All Rights Reserved