"Written by John Hebert"
Port Neches, Texas

What is it, that makes me weep,
But which comes, from inside deep.

It is truly, what is deep within,
That sets my course, this day to spend.

Seeking your face, all the day long,
Hoping to please You, and do no wrong.

Holding me up, with Your right hand,
Enabling me , to do your command.

Oh how I need, Your voice each day,
So that I may not wander, from the one true way.

May Your light & truth, shine so bright,
That it may fill me, with all Your might.

I find no pleasure, in this world of things,
But long to see You, my heart sings.

Songs of praise, I bellow out,
Your love that comforts, and makes me shout.

Oh how I love You, Oh my Lord,
Thank You for loving me, so much more.

Laying down Your life, that I may live,
Is there anymore, that You could give.

8-24-08 3:30 AM

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