On Eagle's Wings

You bore me on eagle's wings
As I walked in the wilderness wide
You lifted me high above it all
And drew me to Your side.

In the wilderness of life
When I thought all hope was gone
On eagle's wings You bore me
And I never again felt alone.

You brought me to Yourself
High above everything
The wilderness looked so small to me
As I rode upon eagle's wings.

High above it all
Beyond the earth I did soar
And nothing else mattered to me
No, nothing mattered anymore.

For I learned that life with You
Was what I really wanted
You brought me to Yourself
With Your great love undaunted.

You led me into the wilderness
For Your great love to see
You wanted me to learn of You
And know that You really loved me.

Your love for me in the wilderness
Is a love that will forever last
And I still soar on eagle's wings
Even though my wilderness has passed.

Copyright © 2004-2016 Christian Poetry By Inez
All Rights Reserved