My Sheep

My sheep hear My voice
And they stay close by
They know I need them
And on them I rely.

I know My sheep
They’re never out of My sight
I know where they are
During the day or the night.

Yes, I do know My sheep
And I know their hearts are Mine
They heard My call
And together, our hearts did bind.

Wherever I go
My sheep will follow Me
They desire what I desire
For obedient servants they want to be.

My sheep hear My voice
And I ask them for their aid
I have much work to be done
And a promise of help they’ve made.

Over the seas
And throughout the land
My sheep follow Me
And help their fellow man.

My sheep follow Me
And I am the Word
When I called
My voice...they heard.

I know My sheep
And My voice they will obey
My Word they cannot keep for themselves
For they must give it away.

My sheep are My followers
I use them to perform My Word
They travel near and far
To tell those who have never heard.

My sheep gather more sheep
And bring them into My fold
How much I love My sheep
In words, cannot be told.

Copyright © 2004-2010 Christian Poetry By Inez
All Rights Reserved