My Life Will Pass


The day will come
When my life will pass
From this home to Yours
Where I'll be with You, alas.

But before I go
I must look behind
And see what I have left
For Your mankind.

Have I lived a life
That really seemed fit
To speak of to others
Or be reminded of it?

Has my life been one of faith
That no matter how it began
I beckoned to myself to continue
To overcome adversity and man?

"Cast your burdens upon Me,"
That's what Your Word said
I held these words in my heart
As forward, You led.

I have often felt bewildered.
I have often felt pain
Just what have I left for mankind?
Have I made any gain?

Has my gain been enough...
Enough to strenghten just one
To keep faith in you
Until this life is done?

Have I taught someone else
To just carry on....
To not give up
Even when hope seems gone?

Lord, these questions come to mind
And they are upon my heart
I want You to be pleased with the answers
Before this life I depart.

When I leave this life
I want You to say
"Well done thy good and faithful servant
Welcome home, this day."

Copyright © 2004-2016 Christian Poetry By Inez
All Rights Reserved