My Heart Yearns For Him

I remember him still
For him My heart has yearned
I have missed him since he left
When away from Me he turned.

I remember when I was his first love
I did not think we would ever part
I wept as he began to turn from me
He didnít know, but he was breaking My heart.

I have waited and waited through the years
Yes, Iíve waited for him to come home
He didnít know, but I kept watch over him
Too far...I didnít want him to roam.

My heart yearns for him
I earnestly remember him still
I will keep watch over him
But to come home must be his will.

He is only one of many who have gone
And I feel such emptiness inside
My heart yearns for all of them
I want them by My side.

If you see any of My loved ones today
Please tell them I miss them so
Invite them to come back to Me
And My loving welcome they will know.

Copyright © 2004-2016 Christian Poetry By Inez
All Rights Reserved