My Experience With Angels

On December 30, 1956, I was seven months pregnant with my third child when I
went into premature labor. After arriving at the hospital my doctor examined me and
began screaming at the nurses that I was going to die if they did not hurry and deliver
the baby. While I was still asleep after the Cesarean Section surgery, I was abruptly
awaken by a very bright light flooding the room. I happened to notice that the clock
read four o'clock. At the instant the light woke me I also heard a choir of angels begin
to sing in sounds that I do not even have words to describe. I could not see them, but I
Knew they had to be angels. When they stopped singing the presence of the Lord
walked around my bed, through he never spoke, I knew He was telling me that He was
bringing Michael Joseph home to be with Him. The next morning at eight o'clock the
doctor and my family came in to tell me that Michael had died after living for 24 hours,
but I already knew he was gone. There was such a peace around me for the next two
months that I never actually grieved over his death. I knew that Michael Joseph was with Jesus.

"Name with held as requested."

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