My Angel Bertha

Our precious little grandbaby was born about six weeks early by an
emergency C-section in October of 2001. Even though she was a
healthy 7lb. 3oz. baby, the tests showed that she was premautre with her
lungs not developed fully.

Our little grandbaby, Brianna, couldn't leave the nursery to be taken to
her mother's room for a visit, but our daughter, Dawn, was allowed to go
to the nursery to hold her. As I write this, I am beginning to cry,
because the anxious feelings that I was experiencing at that time, have
come back very strongly.

Brianna was kept near the window of the nursery, so we could see her
very well. The curtain was not closed, even while the medical personnel
were working with her to insert a breathing tube. As small as she was,
Brianna was putting up a fight against what the medical specialists
knew had to be done in order to save her life. Little baby Brianna was
never comfortable, even after the tube was finally in place. It was very
distressing to watch her struggle.

When I was in Dawn's room, I did my best to be calm, so as not to
worry her. It was very hard not to be weepy, but Dawn couldn't handle
anyone showing apprehension or worry about Brianna's condition. So,
I had walked from Dawn's room to the nursery hoping that my presence
and my prayers would help. I felt that someone needed to be watching
her, even though it was very hard to see her in distress.

There was a long hallway along the nursery wall, and there was no one
in sight. As I turned away and was crying, there appeared as "out of
nowhere", my angel. I was embarrassed for anyone to see me crying, so
I turned away as she walked toward me. But then, as she got nearer,
she approached me and spoke to me about my fears for my grandbaby.
She put her arms around me and prayed. I felt stronger and at peace for
the first time since little Brianna had been born. My angel's name was
Bertha. She was a beautiful black lady who reminded me so much of
Della Reese who plays an angel on the television series, "Touched by
an Angel". I know without a doubt that God sent my angel, not to just
comfort, console, and strengthen me with her words of encouragement, but
also that I could, in turn, give words of comfort and consolation, and
words to strengthen the faith of Dawn, and her husband, Bart, in their
hour of distress. After Bertha prayed for me and comforted me, I
walked with her to the elevator and thanked her for her caring and for the
comfort she brought me. I never saw my angel, Bertha, again, but I
still thank God for sending her to me in my time of distress and

Later that day, Brianna's lung collapsed and the doctor's said that she
should be transferred to Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. In a short
time, a doctor and two nurses arrived by helicopter and placed her in an
Isolette, a special enclosed crib for premature babies. She was connected
to a lot of tubes and monitors all of which highlighted to us, Brianna's
family, just how serious her condition was. After getting Brianna
ready for the flight to Dallas, the medical team brought her to Dawn's
room so we could see her before they left.

My cousin, Mary Ann and her husband, Jeff, arrived at Dawn's
room at just that moment. I started to say, "Just by chance," but I
think it wasn't "by chance". I believe they were led by God to be there.
After Brianna was taken away, Mary Ann and her husband stayed
and said a beautiful prayer which was a real blessing.

Brianna's dad was not allowed to fly in the helicopter with the crew, so
he left immediately to drive to Dallas. About two days later Dawn
was able to go to Dallas. She and Bart stayed in a section of the
hospital designed for families of the sick babies. About a week later
Brianna was healthy enough to go home.

Brianna has thrived and she receives a lot of love. She is now almost
two and a half years old, and is absolutely precious and adorable. We
thank God for watching over her and making her a strong, healthy girl.

I personally want to thank God who knows and understood my hurting
heart, and who cared enough to send Bertha, my angel, to comfort me
and give me the strength to comfort Brianna's parents, Dawn and Bart,
as well as my husband, Bill, and our other three children, Kathleen,
Scott, and Dan.

                    Beverly Beranek
                    March 2004

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