Letís Arise and Go Forth

Letís set our heart and soul to seek the Lord
Arising to go about the business set before us
Whatever task He has given you
Or whatever task He has give me
Letís arise and go forth.

Weíve not been asked a sanctuary to build
To bring the ark of the covenant of the Lord
The things He asks of us seem small
Without sweat broken on the brow
Letís arise and do His will.

His will must be at the heart of our task
No other motives will He accept
If we are to get His work done
And not be prideful in success
Letís arise and do our tasks.

Success comes when heart and soul seek the Lord
With intent to complete the work
And never turning back to look
How to others our task may seem
Letís arise and go forth.

Copyright © 2004-2010 Christian Poetry By Inez
All Rights Reserved