If I May Touch His Garment

This woman
Who for twelve years had been ill
Wanted but to touch His garment...
So her need He could fill.

Through the crowd
She did press..
She wouldn't give up
And she stopped not to rest.

"If only I may
His garment touch.."
She knew the faith in her heart
Was very much.

"..I shall be made well."
This the woman did know
So on  through the crowd
She continued to go.

She did not give up
And continued to move on
Believing in her heart
Her faith had won.

Over tall shoulders
She could not see..
So she crept downward
For closer to Jesus she wanted to be.

With her hand..
In faith, she reached forward
Bending and reaching...
In effort she tried very hard.

At last! At last!
Her hand did touch
The hem of His garment
As her faith was much.

The hand of faith
Jesus did feel
And the faith-filled woman..
Jesus did heal.

Copyright © 2004-2016 Christian Poetry By Inez
All Rights Reserved