I Saw You

My child, I saw the hurt in your eyes
When away you did turn
I felt the pain in your heart
When for love you did yearn.

Your love was rejected
Understanding, there was nil
Put your faith in Me, My child
So that love you may fulfill.

Your love was rejected
And so was Mine
I know the hurt of rejection
When others, your love decline.

I felt the same pain
When for love My heart did tear
In pieces it lay broken
But others were unsware.

But I saw you...
When in grief you turned away
So come to Me, My child
And let My love have its way.

My love will not disappoint
It will consume all your woe
Open your heart to Me
And My perfect love know.

Iíve taken many broken hearts
And with My love did mend
So give your heart to Me now
And upon My love depend.

Copyright © 2004-2016 Christian Poetry By Inez
All Rights Reserved