I Have Questioned God

I have questioned God
Asking what is my life about?
And why some people donít understand
And upon me cast a doubt?

Why must I go through
Things that are so unclear
To the understanding of others
And they my reputation sear?

Is that a part of my growing in You?
If so, why did You choose me?
Iím not doing a good job of it!
But that, of course, You must see!

I try to overcome
Surely, You must see that I do try
I look straight ahead
And behind never cast an eye.

Then suddenly upon me
The past again does come alive
I question You over and over
And just try to survive.

It matters not what others think
You answer me once again
Just keep your eyes on Me
And My strength you will gain.

A pathway with no stones
Over which you might fall
Will never strengthen your faith
And teach you always to Me, call.

You are now dependent upon Me
That was My exact plan
I want you to keep your eyes on Me
And never, never look to man.

I have gone before you
And I will always be behind
Iíll hedge you in on every side
Of these things, I do remind.

Let not pain overtake you
Just cast it to the side
I am always with you
And there I will abide.

So count your life a blessing
See each struggle as a net
Just look at how far youíve come
And remember that Iíve not left you yet.

There is a time coming
When youíll not again question Me 
 Your eyes of understanding will be opened
And all the answers you will see.

Copyright © 2004-2016 Christian Poetry By Inez
All Rights Reserved