I Have A Guardian Angel

I have a guardian angel
I know that very well
She is with me all the time
And of her beauty I will tell.

She is a special gift from God
For her I did not even ask
He assigned her to me long ago
And she has done many a task.

My guardian angel is so lovely
From her a radiant light does shine
Her eyes sparkle like diamonds
And I can't believe she is all mine.

I've not seen my guardian angel
But in beauty God creates all things
In majestic beauty she does live
And has regal authority in her wings.

Upon her wings she does fly
And close about me she does hover
I've tried to catch a glimpse of her
But her appearance I can't discover.

But it is enough for me to know
And for certain I can say
She leaves a trail of beauty behind
When she protects me day by day.

I thank God for my guardian angel
For He gave her to me
Someday He will open my eyes
And my beautiful angel I will see.

Copyright © 2004-2016 Christian Poetry By Inez
All Rights Reserved