I Deal With Evil


My child, I have words for you...
Words of comfort, I say
I ask you to listen carefully
And hear My words today.

Your heart is very burdened
And you feel great dismay
That Iíve forgotten your plight
Letting evil have its way.

Be patient, I say.
Be patient and wait on Me
I will deal with evil
Just wait and see.

I am God
I am the Creator of all
I neither faint or grow weary
And My plans do not fall.

Wait! Wait on Me
I will accomplish My plan
I will deal with evil
I will deal with man.

My plans are in My time
And time is Mine alone
Be patient and wait
My dealings will be known.

I know how the evil began
I know how it will end
I control the hands of time
And My time, I do defend.

Let not your heart be weary
And to you, My strength I give
Iíve not forgotten your plight
No! Not as long as you live.

Keep your faith in Me,
For evil I will repay
I will do it in My time
I will do it in My way.

Keep these words in your heart
And in My confidence grow
Evilsí day will end
For I have told you so.

Copyright © 2004-2016 Christian Poetry By Inez
All Rights Reserved