Iíll Give You My Grace

When things seem out of hand,
And life does not seem right,
I am there with you
I am just out of your sight.

Your eyes cannot see
That My hand is swiftly moving
To correct the wrong for you
That is what I am doing.

Heartaches come and seem to stay,
But that doesnít mean I donít care
I am with you every moment
Iíll not give more than you can bear.

Life is more than what you feel,
Or what you experience each day
Life is how much you trust Me
To lead you in the right way.

So let the tears gently fall,
And quietly roll down your face
Keep your faith high in these times,
And I will give you My grace.

I will not give you My grace
To bow your back and fall,
But I will give you My grace
To stand up straight and tall.

Copyright © 2004-2016 Christian Poetry By Inez
All Rights Reserved