I Have Put You in a Hard Place


I have put you in a hard place
It's a place where you stand alone
Without help, without comforting words
For the wrong another has done.

I have put you in a hard place
Where many before have stood
It is a place of standing up for right
And praying that others would.

You wonder why I have chosen you
For such a lonely road
There is much in your heart
But alone, you must carry the load.

There's much grief in your heart
But no ears can you bend
It's something others won't talk about
So you feel left without a friend.

Yes! I've put you in a hard place
Where comfort will come only from Me
Upon My shoulders you must lean
So your dear Friend I will be.

It isn't that others don't care
They have just set themselves apart
From the words you want to release
To bring comfort to your heart.

Your needs are different than others
I am who made you this way
So don't fret about how I made you
For I'll listen to all you say.

Closer and closer you and I will grow
During this your time of trial
I'll be with you each step of the way
As you travel mile after mile.

Let My words bring comfort to you
Let them heal your aching heart
I'll still be with you when it's over
Just like I was at the start.

Copyright © 2004-2016 Christian Poetry By Inez
All Rights Reserved