Great is Your faithfulness

Great is Your faithfulness, O God
Your compassions do not fail
And your mercies surround me
About Your lovingkindness I will tell.

I will tell about You
And I will not fear
I will tell of your great love
To  those far and near.

Great is Your faithfulness, O God
Your mercies are new every morning
Though guilt rest upon my soul
Your mercies upon me are  pouring.

Your mercies fail not, O God
Out of the clutch of life's sin
You rescue me time after time
As though my failings have never been.

Great is Your faithfulness, O God
I have not been consumed
By treacheries of this life
That before me at times have loomed.

I am surrounded by Your mercies
And protected by Your goodness
From things known only to You, O God
Because of Your great faithfulness.

Thank You, O God,
For Your mercies so kind
Let others in my life
Your mercies find.

Copyright © 2004-2016 Christian Poetry By Inez
All Rights Reserved