God Made Me Look in the Mirror

God made me look in the mirror
So myself I could see
He showed me some things to change
So His child I could be.

I held the mirror closely
And I looked deep inside
I saw ugly things within me
That from Him I could not hide.

Deep inside I had put things
That between He and I stood
The inside of my cup was dirty
With things that were not good.

I looked upon my sins
And I felt much shame
How could I say I belonged to Him...
When from inside such sinfulness came?

I looked deeper inside the cup
And much more I did see
I saw sinfulness all around
How could I...His child be?

It wasn’t a pleasant experience
But all around I did look
I wanted the inside of my cup clean
So out the dirty things I took.

Now my cup inside stays clean
I don’t let sin abide there
God made me look into the mirror
And of my sins became aware.

Copyright © 2004-2016 Christian Poetry By Inez
All Rights Reserved