God Is Among You

God is great and awesome
And He is among you
He is there...
In whatever you do.

You are a special people
And He calls you His treasure
He puts you above all others
You are above and beyond measure.

You are a holy people
And He chose you to be His alone
The oath to your fathers He kept
That His covenant and mercy would be shown.

For a thousand generations
He will love and bless you
He’ll bless the fruits of your womb and land
He says these blessings to you are due.

In sickness He will heal you
And He’ll lift you above those who hate
He will send the hornet among your enemies
For in His hands lie their fate.

The great and awesome God
Is with you along the way
He has a chosen path for you
And He’ll be with you from day to day.

Copyright © 2004-2016 Christian Poetry By Inez
All Rights Reserved