Follow the Cloud

The Lord went before them
So they’d know where to go
In a pillar of cloud He was
And His presence, He wanted them to know.

A pillar of fire
He gave them by night
As they continuously traveled
It gave them light.

God made a way
For their journey so long
And the children of Israel
God did not wrong.

Though they murmurmed and complained
God did forgive
Because the Land of Promise
To them, He wanted to give.

By following the cloud
They made their way
Through the sea and over the land
They were willing to obey.

We, too, must follow the cloud
And stay under it, not ahead
We can walk in confidence
As by Him we are led.

The cloud by day
And at night the fire
With God as our Source
We will not tire.

We can walk forward
With confidence in each step
Knowing that the Lord is leading
And by Him we are kept.

Copyright © 2004-2010 Christian Poetry By Inez
All Rights Reserved