Do You Want To Be Made Well?

Jesus was in Jerusalem
And by the Sheep Gate He went
There by the Gate was a pool
And a hope of a miracle it lent.

Five porches were Ďround about
Where all the afflicted lay
Very diligently they made the trip
In faith they went day after day.

Lying about and waiting
Were the paralyzed, blind and lame
Waiting for the miracle of healing
And expecting as they came.

At a certain time each day
An angel came and the water stirred
Whoever stepped in first would be healed
Or so they had heard.

Each day the sick waited
They waited for the first one to be
Many, many never came back
Since they were healed instantly.

Now Jesus came upon a man
Whose years in waiting had been thirty-eight
He had been at the pool a long time
But into the waters he was always late.

"Do you want to be made well?"
To the man Jesus did say
"Iíve no one into the pool to help me
And Iíve been here day after day."

Jesus said to the man,
"Rise up, take up your bed and walk!"
Immediately the man did as Jesus said
For at Jesusí words he did not balk!

The man got his miracle
Because Jesus did pass by
He will do the same for you and me
When upon a sick bed we lie.

We will not wait for the angel
Nor wait for the water to be stirred
But we can ask for a miracle
From the Healer about whom we have heard.

Copyright © 2004-2016 Christian Poetry By Inez
All Rights Reserved