Do I Mind?

Do I mind if God
Awakens me at night to pray?
Do I mind if it is at night
And not in the day?

Do I feel bothered
If at an inconvenient time He calls?
Am I willing to sacrifice self
And to my prayer time give all?

These things I must ask myself
And then answer honestly
For my answer to these questions
Depends on if God answers me.

If Iím not willing to sacrifice my time
When God asks me to
Then Iíll expect Him to act
Just like I do.

He will hear my call
Just like His call I heard
But my faithfulness to Him must be
Or Heíll not send me a word.

My faithfulness is what He desires
Yes, faithfulness to Him is the key
If I want to depend upon Him
Then He must depend upon me.

Copyright © 2004-2016 Christian Poetry By Inez
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