Blessed Are You

Blessed are you
Who beside all waters sow
The good seeds of My love
Letting others know.

Blessed are you
Who sow along the wayside
For bountiful crops will spring up
As you journey far and wide.

Along the wayside of life be blessed
When you travel far and near
Sowing seeds of kindness
And wiping away each tear.

Blessed are you
Who sow among those in need
For I will bless you
And multiply your seed.

Blessed are you
Who among the hungry sow
Soothing their ills
That with loving hands you bestow.

The currents of the waters
Move quietly and deep
Planting a great harvest
That you will reap.

Blessed...yes...blessed you are
For the sowing you’re doing for Me
Your reaping time is near
And you will reap bountifully.

Copyright © 2004-2016 Christian Poetry By Inez
All Rights Reserved